There's a place in Texas with the highest concentration of teenage murderers in the world...

Alfonso Bermea went to work there....

The Giddings State School for Violent Juvenile Offenders is the high security facility for teenagers who are unable to control sudden rage and impulsive violence. Most of their crimes are swift and brutal. They have been convicted of aggravated assault, rape, attempted murder and murder.

Giddings is an emerald green campus surrounded by tall fences and razor wire. It is home to over 300 young men 11 to 17 years of age who have killed or maimed other human beings.

Most of these boys were physically and emotionally abused since birth; many have been chemically addicted since they were toddlers; almost all have neurologic damage from drugs and trauma.

Texas has the largest prison industry in the nation, but 40% of the Giddings inmates come back into the community by the time they are 21.

Alfonso was hired to bring a tool and a treatment to Giddings that could give these kids one last chance to learn how to control their rage. The treatment Dr. Peniston had used to treat alcoholism and Post Truamatic Stress Disorder in war veterans held promise for violent youth with drug habits. Alfonso's job was to to conduct a pilot study.

But it was tough getting started.

The kids weren't forced to participate. To get a first group to volunteer, Alfonso had to first recruit the most dangerous kid on campus, a 16-year-old who had already sent eight staff workers to the hospital.....


End of Part One.


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