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A note from the forest people:

Here in our studio, we've been working to evolve and automate the labor-intensive task of making transcripts from our video material. This year we took a giant step forward.

We transformed the labor of creating transcripts into a multi-tasking process to make postproduction edit-scripting quick and easy. Simultaneously, our PowerScripts become a resource for creating websites, books, CDs and a convenient research database.

Power Packed Transcripts that Work for You
(a Dendrite Forest Service)

The time and expense we once invested to get a typed sheaf of papers for the edit room now yields a powerful, searchable database, complete with words and pictures which are stamped with time-code. The result is a flexible tool** for accessing just the shot you need for quick edits. You can search by key word, name, reel, time-code, subject, B-reel scene--or whatever combinations you wish--all keyed back to your original video source.

We've trained great people to work with us now, and we're interested in providing this service to selected colleagues at attractive rates.

Here are some examples for you to look over. They show a variety of printout formats we use in our projects.

With your own project database transcript, you can print-out in a wide variety of formats, from standard 8.5"x 11 transcript sheets to 3x5 cards with pictures and text (very useful for helping you think through your edit).

We will deliver a fully searchable database transcript** of your tapes on CD, which you can configure for print-out according to your preferences. You can electronically cut and paste the visuals and text into a storyboard script or automatically generate rough edit decision lists (EDLs) to create subject strings for resource reels or for digitizing into subject bins. We also add a free tape catalog and project glossary. A fee schedule is attached.

We're setting the rates to be very competitive with old-style transcript services because we want you to try out this new technique**. We think you'll never want to work wtihout this power again.

We've designed this service to assist you in sharpening the post-production process for your projects while enriching your ability to quickly generate web and print media content. Please email us at PowerScript@Forests.com so we can arrange to bring this power to your current project today.

Patric Hedlund

-- A POWERScript is far more flexible and powerful than an old-fashioned transcript, and the way we make them is different too. PLEASE CONTACT US **BEFORE** YOU MAKE ANY DUBS OR OTHER PREPARATIONS FOR OUR SERVICE!!

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