CFP-104 / Personal Information And Privacy - I

Janlori Goldman, Dir. Project on Privacy & Technology, ACLU

Who does your personal information belong to? Government and private companies routinely collect, collate and market data about your lifestyle, work, health, schooling, children, voting, taxes, finances, and buying habits. Should they? What restrictions should apply? Chair: Lance Hoffman.

Janlori Goldman, Dir., Proj. on Privacy & Technology, ACLU
John Baker, Sr. V.P., Consumer & Govt Affairs, EQUIFAX, INC.

DEBATE: Should individuals have absolute control over secondary use of their personal information?

Alan Westin, Professor, Columbia University, NYC
Marc Rotenberg, Washington D.C. Dir., CPSR

ISBN 1-57844-004-1
Order Number: CFP104
Item Type: Video; VHS; 75 minutes

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