CFP-107 / Law Enforcement Practices And Problems

Law enforcement speaks out! The investigators and prosecutors on the front lines of computer crime explain their procedures, including due process and concern about deterring criminal behavior. Details of the notorious *Operation Sundevil* discussed, plus a candid look at the Secret Service's work (10,000 arrests and 96% conviction rate since 1985). Unique problems of jurisdiction in cyberspace, plus strong appeal for computer professionals to work with Law Enforcement to educate officers as well as to set ethical standards among computer users. Chair: Glenn Tenney.

Robert Snyder, Pub. Sfty Dept., Div. of Police, Columbus, OH
Donald Delaney, Sr. Investigator, New York State Police
Dale Boll, United States Secret Service, Wash. D.C.
Don Ingraham, Assistant District Attorney, Alameda County

ISBN 1-57844-007-6
Order Number: CFP107
Item Type: Video; VHS; 90 minutes

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