CFP-112 / Electronic Speech, Press And Assembly: An Internet History

Phenomenal growth in Bulletin Board Systems (BBS), from one in 1978 to over 60,000 in 1991, illustrates the importance of this communications medium to business, education and individuals. Establishing the right to speak, assemble and publish electronically, without undue prior restraint or the chilling effects of monitoring is explored--with a look at possible justifications for monitoring and alternatives. Chair: Eric Lieberman

Eric Lieberman, Esq.
John McMullen, Newsbytes
George Perry, V. President & Gen. Cnsl, Prodigy Services Co.
Jack Rickard, Editor, Boardwatch Magazine
Lance Rose, Esq.
David Hughes, Old Colorado City Communications

ISBN 1-57844-012-2
Order Number: CFP112
Item Type: Video; VHS; 91 minutes

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