CFP-115 / Where Do We Go From Here?

A benchmark in Internet history for assessing how goals set at the beginning of the decade to protect personal privacy, protect fundamental freedoms and to encourage responsible private-sector and public-sector policies and legislation, have been met or abondoned. Chair: Jim Warren

Mary Culnan, Assoc. Prof., Georgetown University
David Hughes, Old City Colorado Communications
Donald Ingraham, Asst. D.A., Alameda County, California
Mitch Kapor, President, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Eric Lieberman, Esq.
Paul Bernstein, Esq.
Donn Parker, SRI International
Craig Schiffires, Senate Judiciary Committee
Robert Veeder, Office of Management and Budget

ISBN 1-57844-015-7
Order Number: CFP115
Item Type: Video; VHS; 82 minutes

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