CFP-202 / Who Logs On?

Robert Lucky, AT&T Bell Laboratories

High Capacity interactive networks are bringing a range of new services from video telephones to dial-up movies and HDTV into the home. The impact on business, research, government services, medicine and education will be significant. Strategies and definitions for RAN (rural area network), NREN, ANS. How will decisions made today affect our future? Who will pay? Who will benefit? A fast-paced debate about capacity, cost and access.

Linda Garcia, U.S. Ofc of Technology Assessment
Alfred Koeppe, New Jersey Bell
Brian Kahin, Kennedy School of Gov't, Harvard Univ.
Chair: Robert Lucky, AT&T Bell Laboratories

ISBN 1-57844-017-3
Order Number: CFP202
Item Type: Video; VHS; 82 minutes

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