CFP-203 / Ethics, Morality And Criminality Online

What is it like to be a victim of computer intrusions, viruses, frauds and other telenet criminal behaviors? When do you call law enforcement and what should they do? The FBI responds to concerns about its Digital Telephony proposal to prohibit you and the telephone companies from using equipment that is secure from wire tapping. Good look at both sides of the wire-tapping issue.

Scott Charney, US Dept. of Justice
James Settle, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Mike Godwin, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Emory Hackman, Esq., Fmr. pres. Capitol Area Sysops Assn.
Don Delaney, New York State Police
Chair: J. Michael Gibbons, Federal Bureau of Investigation

ISBN 1-57844-018-1
Order Number: CFP203
Item Type: Video; VHS; 89 minutes

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