CFP-204 / For Sale: Government Information

As the government gathers, processes and stores information electronically, what should be the relation between govts and businesses that sell information? Does such information belong to the people or can it be sold to the highest corporate bidder? What urgent public interest questions are emerging? Energetic debate.

Dwight Morris, Los Angeles Times Washington Bureau
Ken Allen, Information Industry Association
Maurice Freedman, American Library Association
Evan Hendricks, Privacy Times
Fred Weingarten, Computing Research Association
Franklin S. Reeder, US Office of Management and Budget
Costas Toregas, Public Technology, Inc.
Robert R. Belair, Kirkpatrick and Lockhart
Chair: George Trubow, John Marshall Law School

Costas Torregas, Public Technology, Inc.

ISBN 1-57844-019-X
Order Number: CFP204
Item Type: Video; VHS; 82 minutes

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