CFP-207 / Private Collection Of Personal Information

A role-play posits that legislation (H.R. 685) to establish a Data Protection Board has been passed. The Board considers a plan for a shopper's club which tracks purchases by families (including prescription medicines, magazines, liquor, cigarettes) to create Personal Consumer Profiles, retrievable by name and for sale. Panelists play roles consistent with their real life activities. Illustrates personal privacy concerns versus information industry practices, and to see how legislation may balance the two.

Janlori Goldman, Privacy and Technology Project, ACLU
John Baker, Equifax
James D. McQuaid, Metromail
James Rule, SUNY-Stony Brook
Mary Culnan, Georgetown University
Patrick D. Hadley, Citicorp
Chair: Ronald Plesser, Esq., Piper and Marbury

ISBN 1-57844-022-X
Order Number: CFP207
Item Type: Video; VHS; 92 minutes

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