CFP-210 / Cryptography, Privacy And National Security

Whitfield Diffie, Sunsoft, Inc.

Encryption is the process of translating messages into secret code. Cyptography is becoming the battlefield where both personal privacy advocates and national security agents are digging in their heels. Should the government be permitted to restrict the use of cryptography, or to restrict export of products that use encryption? Should the FBI be able to require that only encryption it can decipher be used by Americans? Hot issue!

Jim Bidzos, RSA Data Security
David Bellin, Pratt Institute
John Perry Barlow, Electronic Frontier Foundation
John Gilmore, Cygnus Support
Whitfield Diffie, Sunsoft, Inc.
Chair: Dorothy Denning, Georgetown University

ISBN 1-57844-025-4
Order Number: CFP210
Item Type: Video; VHS; 77 minutes

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