CFP-604 / Mass Communication Vs. Mass Media

Mike Godwin, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Internet/ Mass Media/ Communications/ Business/ Television History & Criticism/ Computers (General)/ Technology/ Sociology.

Traditional print and broadcast mass media are based on a one-to-many model that implies a concentration of power--a single voice speaking to many passive listeners. Computers linked together into a network of networks introduce a new many-to-many mass communication model in which any individual has the power to be heard based on what they have to say and how they say it.

What will this mean for new business models and social developments? Provocative panel discussion.

Sander Vanocur, veteran network TV reporter
John Schwartz, Washington Post
Bill Kovach, Nieman Foundation, Harvard University
Mike Godwin, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Wired Magazine
Donna Hoffman, Vanderbilt Univ.
John Seigenthaler, Freedom Forum First Amendment Center

ISBN 1-57844-031-9
Order Number: CFP604
Item Type: Video; VHS; 99 minutes

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