CFP-606 / Copyright and Freedom of Expression on the Internet

Pamela Samuelson, Prof. of Law, Cornell University

Internet/ Journalism/ Communications/ Ethics/ International Business/ Computers (General)/ Legal Studies/ Technology.

Is copyright obsolete in the digital age? Are the economics of digitally producing and distributing information products so fundamentally different that copyright becomes a barrier to free speech? Or, in the global networked world, will there inevitably be only one law of copyright and free expression? What will it be?

Pamela Samuelson, Prof. of Law, Cornell University
David Post, Cyberspace Law Institute
Brent Hugenholtz, Information Law Institute, Amsterdam
Chris Barlas, Author's Licensing & Collecting Society in London

ISBN 1-57844-033-5
Order Number: CFP606
Item Type: Video; VHS; 108 minutes

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