CFP-608 / Electronic Money

David Chaum

Internet/ International Business/ International Relations/ Politics & Government/ Computers (General)/ Business/ Legal Studies/ Technology.

This timely panel defines the ground rules for international discussion of digital money, considering payment systems based on cards and the Internet; examines law enforcement concerns about digital money laundering versus privacy concerns in Net transactions; the role of companies like Netscape, Microsoft, VISA and American online in developing competing standards.

David Chaum, DigiCash, inventor of secure digital transactions
Stan Morris, U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
Kawika Daguio, American Bankers Assn.
Rafael Hirschfeld, Ctr for Mathematics & Computer Science, Amsterdam

ISBN 1-57844-035-1
Order Number: CFP608
Item Type: Video; VHS; 94 minutes

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