CFP-609 / Censorship and Content Control on the Internet

Internet/ Journalism/ Mass Communication/ Journalism/ Ethics/ Politics & Government/ Computers (General)/ Legal Studies/ Technology.

As the Internet becomes global and national boundaries start to blur, countries are considering censoring material controversial to their respective societies: Germany may extend its strict laws against neo-Nazi hate speech to the World Wide Web; newly emerging democracies in Eastern Europe and Asia are weighing approaches to free expression online; Britain and the U.S. Congress are attempting to censor sexually explicit material.

Is the assertion of domestic sovereignty over parts of the global network even possible? Are there technological solutions for controlling access to content?

Daniel Weitzner, Ctr for Democracy & Technology
Herbert Burkert, European Commission
Gara LaMarche, Human Rights Watch
Kate Martin, Ctr. for National Security Studies

ISBN 1-57844-036-X
Order Number: CFP609
Item Type: Video; VHS; 80 minutes

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