CFP-610 / Internet Service Providers

Internet/ Business/ Ethics/ Politics & Government/ Computers (General)/ Legal Studies/ Technology/ Mass Media/ Journalism.

Whether back-bedroom start-up or large corporation, ISP's are the backbone of the Net, but as governments strike out to find someone to hold responsible for traffic of questionable content, will ISPs be treated as common carriers or content publishers? Is it even technologically possible to hold them legally accountable for everything that flows over the Internet?

This panel tells of the choices and responsibilities ISPs face in the rapidly evolving world of online communications.

Jeff Ubois, journalist
Brian Ek, Prodigy Services
Bruce Fancher, Phantom Access Technologies
Ed Cavazos, lawyer, Andrew and Kurth, L.L.P.
Daniel Dern, Dern Associates
Simon Garfinkle, journalist.

ISBN 1-57844-037-8
Order Number: CFP610
Item Type: Video; VHS; 100 minutes

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