Eighty percent (80%) of chronic alcoholics were sober after their intensive three week Peniston Protocol training. They maintained that sobriety for the full three years of the study.

Ten years later, those men are still sober.

Now independent replication studies are sustaining these results with crack cocaine and other drugs as well.





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In 1986 Peniston and Kulkosky designed the first three-year scientific test of the protocol. In 1989 the results were in.
Ten years later, a follow-up study shows recovery has been sustained.

Eighty percent of chronic alcoholics (who had an average of four or more hospitalizations for alcoholism and medical records indicating daily inebriation for 20 years) were sober after their intensive three week training sequence.

After three years, the success rate actually increased. All of those originally successful maintained sobriety, and one experimental subject, who was originally designated a failure because he tried to drink again, reported he had been unable to return to drinking, "because it made him ill."

The Peniston-Kulkosky Protocol now appears to produce the most dramatic statistically consistent long-term changes yet recorded in scientific studies on alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, and the complex of symptoms known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which include sleep disorders, sudden rage, impulsive violence, memory and learning problems, depression and chronic substance abuse.

Today the protocol is being used throughout the world-- in Israel, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Germany and England--but is still being adopted only slowly in the United States, where EEG neurotherapy is still described as "experimental" by psychiatrists and physicians who are are often oriented toward prescription drugs and traditional psychotherapy--despite the inability of these techniques to provide proof of lasting results.

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