"Dr. Peniston's persistent dedication
providing clinical assistance to his patients
while conducting careful scientific research
to confirm the effectiveness of the Peniston-Kulkosky Protocol

has provided a lasting contribution to the advancement of this field."
--Dr. Charles "Chuck" Stroebel, M.D., Ph.D.
at AAPB Meeting 4/98

Today, people around the world are learning
to control physical processes formerly considered by western science to be inaccessible to the conscious mind.

Higher levels of physical health and mental effectiveness can be achieved with the assistance of feedback tools.
Powerful teaching techniques have been developed over the past twenty years, to converge with advances in physiological monitoring tools.
Monitoring devices--each with its own specific uses-- range from simple to complex.
Fingertip thermometers measure increased blood flow to the fingertips or toes, an indicator that the student is learning to roll back stress and voluntarily relax the cardiovascular system.


At the other end of the spectrum, EEG sensors and PC-based neurofeedback programs are being used in clinical settings to help children with ADD and ADHD to strengthen their ability to focus mental attention.
Now even in the home, for nonmedical uses, sophisticated wireless EEG neurofeedback programs to enhance creativity--such as SoftForce--are being developed by companies like Dendrite Forest, Inc.

The Peniston-Kulkosky Protocol is an especially powerful five- step training technique that coalesces biofeedback- assisted relaxation training, several levels of focused visualization, alpha-theta EEG neurofeedback therapy and maintenance relaxation techniques to produce the most dramatic statistically consistent long-term changes yet recorded in scientific studies on alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, and the complex of symptoms known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which include sleep disorders, sudden rage, impulsive violence, memory and learning problems, depression and chronic substance abuse.

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Dr. Eugene Peniston is currently seeking funding
for a large scale multi-site national replication study of the Peniston-Kulkosky Protocol.

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