Science is just beginning to understand the impact on the human body caused by severe traumatic stress. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is the Hero's Disease. It hits those who've fought and survived--rescue workers, firemen, rape victims, children who've sufferered physical, sexual and emotional abuse or seen someone else hurt or killed; people who've weathered terrorism, a terrible accident or a natural disaster; warriors who can find little peace long after their country has signed treaties and filed the names of battles into the history books....

Sudden rage, impulsive violence, hairtrigger anger, clinical depression, difficulty learning, memory problems, sleep disorders, flashbacks, emotional numbing and self-medicating with drugs and alcohol--all these are symptoms of PTSD.





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PTSD is contagious.
Wives and children of combat veterans with PTSD often get PTSD themselves. Sudden severe shock, or living with recurring crisis, causes the body to go into a state of "red alert" to fight for survival. After the crisis has passed the endocrine system and neurochemistry may stay stuck at emergency alert, pumping beta endorphins into the blood, craving adrenaline, unable to return spontaneously to a state of calm. Violence begets physiological changes that often result in more violence. The National Institute for Juvenile Delinquency Prevention reports that 78% of children who experience chronic violence in the home engage in violent behavior as adolescents.

It is time to find a cure for America's violent epidemic. Now a drug-free medical breakthrough is showing dramatic success for veterans with alcoholism, drug addiction and PTSD.

Dendrite Forest, Inc. is currently developing "The Peniston Protocol," a new documentary about the power of the creative brain.

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