SoftForce is not a virtual reality vending machine. It is a journey to the inside of your own mind.

It is an immersion experience designed to explore our continuous path on the human journey from first consciousness to the reach for global connectedness.

With a wonderful team of artists and Dendrite Forest, Inc., The SoftForce group is producing interactive multimedia experiences and products that offer a new kind of discovery for children and families.

Perhaps consciousness must accompany us to the electronic frontier if it is to be a place worth going to.

This site is evolving into an online version of the SoftForce adventure. Make a bookmark to join us here often as we emerge from something that feels like a magazine to a place that offers you an invitation to meet and explore.

..                                                You are invited to join the journey.
                                                                          Patric Hedlund

....  The $75 billion computer games industry has distorted popular understanding of what interactive multimedia can be.

   Not long ago, on the final day of an exclusive preview of new products for high-tech honchos, several hundred multimedia producers rose to their feet, revolted by the demonstration of a highly publicized interactive game which opened with a nuclear holocaust, then armed players with weapon-studded control panels and uzi submachine guns. Viewers were catapulted into a virtual reality flight through a scorched and lifeless world--all, of course, reflecting the very highest production values.

    In a moment of chilling insight, these industry professionals stood to protest themagnitude of resources being poured into developing and marketing uch violent visions of the future to our children.


   They called for their colleagues to bring new imagination to these powerful new media. SoftForce was created to answer that call.

    The following year, as a mischievous gift and to provoke new dialogue, the SoftForce team trucked a ton of growing mountain grass, live trees, fragrant flowers and ancient rocks into the Los Angeles Convention Center to create a two thousand square foot rainforest complete with microclimate and some powerful surprises.

    SoftForce was an experiment to see what would happen if our thinking about "systems integration" includes nature and the concept of "intelligent interfaces" expands to include playful human beings. We use magic new technologies, but they are transparent, putting the power of stories, ancient wisdom and nature into the foreground to encourage creative exploration.

Images inspired by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz: American Indian Myths and Legends; Pantheon. By permission of the authors.



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