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Extra and Gary are the formal ones. They both rented a Tux for this photo. .


....Gary Meyer and Patric Hedlund with their friends, Oscar and Extra. Extra is the one with pointy ears. She is on-site supervisor at Dendrite Forest.

....Oscar was won by PANAMA DECEPTION, named best feature documentary film for telling the story of America's invasion of Panama. Gary Meyer is the film's Co-Executive Producer with Director Barbara Trent. The film examines the consequences of the U.S. government's extensive control of the American media during and after the Christmas 1989 invasion.Other principals include David Kasper with Joanne Doroshow and Nico Panigutti. Hedlund was field producer and camera for interviews with members of U.S. media.*

....Meyer also co-produced the widely acclaimed Cover-Up: Behind the Iran-Contra Affair.

....Together they produced the 48-part series on Computers, Freedom & Privacy, an examination of the future of the networked world (used by governments, universities and libraries from the U.S. Congress to the European Community).

....Hedlund's credits include projects for Discovery, A&E, Public Television, The History Channel, CNN, Fox Television, international syndication, print stories in national publications and the book A BREAD CRUMB TRAIL THROUGH THE PBS JUNGLE: The Producer's Survival Guide.The team has extensive experience with converging media, the internet and interactive television.

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*(Full credits for Panama Deception)



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