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DENDRITE FOREST, inc. - Founding President, Senior Producer

THE SHAMAN WITHIN: Awakening the Science of the Ancient Brain, a story about the human neurosystem and the future of imagination. Covers neurofeedback training for creativity enhancement and the discovery of the Peniston Protocol for treating PTSD and combating addiction. Documentary and companion book- Writer-Director. Currently in production.

A BREAD CRUMB TRAIL THROUGH THE PBS JUNGLE: The Producer's Survival Guide- Book length investigative report for producers about navigating the public television system, including a structural overview and guidance for production, distribution and contracting.

SOFTFORCE - Immersion Virtual Reality theatrical production; Director, Writer, Systems Integrator. "Academy Awards of Interactive Media" Digital World Multimedia Festival Award winner. Sponsored by Motorola, American Film Institute, Ziff-Davis Publishing. Exploring learning-based synergy between electronic networks and the human brain. Combining innovative interfaces with nature, play and the power of ancient knowledge to accelerate learning and enhance creativity.Natural immersion environments enhanced with transparent technology. Serving museums, LBE's, corporate trainers, creative projects and special event installations.

Museum of Creativity - Guest Curator; designer of original interactive immersion exhibits to explore myth, magic, nature and creativity. Milken Family Foundation.

Cybershaman - Interactive performance with multimedia; Writer, Performer, with skybridge between Aboriginal storytellers in Australia and Native American computer artists in rural Montana. The Performance Space, Sydney, Australia.

Videohenge - 120-screen innovative videowall installation featuring Michael Jordan and André Agassi; Post Production Coordinator and Supervisor of Environmental Music design. Nike Super Show, Dennis E. Moore Productions.

Express Yourself - The Official Website of Charles Wright and the 103rd Street Rhythm Band, a funkster's paradise, complete with MP3 files and streaming RealAudio.

Creative Director/Scripting Editor: Terminator Seed a short film produced by Sorella Productions about genetically modified foods and Who Needs Hollywood, a one hour film by Nina Rota currently in production about John Dorr, father of EZTV.


1991-Present; Partner in production and marketing firm which produces television, video and WWW events, distributing selected projects and providing contract production services.

Monuments to Freedom- Arts & Entertainment/ History Channel- Associate Producer; five one-hour segments for A&E's History Channel. Supervised visual story development, research, postproduction and special effects. Hearst-Jaffe Productions.

Trauma Center - Fox Television /20th Century- Segment Producer. Scripted, directed & coordinated stories from field crew through post production. Internationally syndicated 26-part series.

Wavelength - Nationally syndicated TV magazine for teens; Field Producer/Writer of ten shows from Chicago including celebrity interviews and features on House Music, Hip Hop, Naughty by Nature, American Nazis, Second City Comedy, Judy Tenuta, Drug Parks; Chicago Cubs and the Bleacher Bums. Rysher Entertainment.

The Computers, Freedom & Privacy Video Library Project -Co-Producer, Director, 1991-99; 48-part video series for universities, government & business about promise & dangers of the networked world. Sponsors: Apple Computer, ACM, Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Toolkit for Democracy- With Ralph Nader and Inside Edition. Director, Writer. About Term Limits initiative movement throughout U.S.; The Network Project.

Todd Rundgren Speaks--history of the first fully digital MTV music video created with desktop computer animation tools.

TopangaOnline - A hometown in cyberspace. Experimental community site developed for Topanga, California. Co-Director.


Panama Deception--[*Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary]; Field Producer and additional camera. The Empowerment Project. Distributed internationally as theatrical feature film; telecast on Bravo.

Fireworks / Burbank Video -Writer, Director. Seven 60-minute documentary titles. Cheap and fast docs on historical themes using miles of public domain footage, for home video markets somewhere between here and Singapore. Titles include:The Beatles; The American Cowboy; General Patton; Rommel: The Desert Fox; Abbot & Costello; The History of Hollywood; The FBI.

Homeland; Glasnost Boogie; Capra: The War Years; Hollywood Goes to War- Field Producer, Camera; Aired on Discovery Channel and released theatrically in Europe. Field Producer for co-productions in Russia, Ukraine, Berlin and Washington. Assistant Director for Capra/Hollywood series.

The Vision Quest Wagon Train: Whoever Thought Kids Could Do A Thing Like This? Co-Producer, Camera. PBS national; European distribution. Alternative treatment program for delinquent youth. Nominated for Emmy award.

Twilight Zone: Children & the Law- Director, Co-Producer, Co-Writer. NBC, CBS, ABC affiliates collaborated in simulcast interactive gameshow to encourage family discussion of pressures on kids and provide community understanding of effort to de-institutionalize status offenders. Won national awards and received over 5,000 letters from public.

Revolution; Dangerous Legacy; Forbidden - Co-Producer. Three series developed for Arts & Entertainment and Japanese Television in collaboration with Eastern European filmmakers about last days of the communist regimes, first hours of the new reach for freedom.

The New Candid Camera -NBC Specials; "Make it funny" editing specialist for Allen Funt's action gags.

The Future of American Cable Television - On-Camera Commentator and Resource Consultant for five-hour program by NHK (Japanese Broadcasting Corporation); Multimedia World- Performer and interviewee for 1 hour NHK Special.

Tucson Special- Producer, Writer, Host. Interactive Broadcast Television Magazine with location and studio segments plus live viewer call-in. 8x60/ 8 part series; 60 min. shows;. Federal grant to catalyze multicultural dialogue in Southwest.

California Wine: The Science of an Art- Interactive kiosk. Offline Video Editor. Museum of Science and Industry, Los Angeles. Palamar Productions.

STORYTELLING: Investigative Reporting and Print Publication

THE SHAMAN WITHIN: The End of Addiction, the Future of Imagination - BOOK, in press

A BREAD CRUMB TRAIL THROUGH THE PBS JUNGLE: The Producer's Survival Guide - BOOK; Dendrite Forest Books

• The Honeymoon Year: Pat Mitchell's First Year Rebuilding PBS - International Documentary Magazine

A Producer at Heart: Conversation with PBS's New President, Pat Mitchell - The Independent

• Following the Bread Crumb Trail Through the PBS Jungle- The Independent

The Unlimited Bandwidth of Human Imagination--Spectrum/ Salon

• Invasion of the Identity Snatchers
(printed as "Identity Crisis")- Los Angeles Times

• Virtual Reality Warriors: Native American Culture in Cyberspace
- High Performance, OnLine Access & New World Journal

• The Circle and the Song in Cyberspace: Ancient Tales Online
- Online Access

Laughing Til the Beer Spurts Out Your Nose
(And Other Secrets for Successful Design Teams)- Exhibitionist Magazine (for museum designers)

• No More Plinking Quarters: New Business Plans for Online MultiPlayer Games
- Digital Media

• Artists Rights in the Digital Universe: Copyright and Controversy Online
- Digital Media

• Interview with Strauss Zelnick: From 20th Century Fox to Crystal Dynamics
- Digital Media

Remembering the Future -High Performance

FreeFall in Cyberspace - Occupied Zones, Australia

Battle of the CyberArtist - High Performance

The Revolution Will Be Broadcast- High Performance

The People vs Dennis Williams: The Case Against Performance Art - High Performance

Parity Bits, Cyberspace Detective -Online Access

Computers, Freedom & Privacy - Online Access

Stone Soup -Video Toaster User

Blueprint for Successful Video: Building the DeskTop Video Studio- AmigaWorld

Postcard From The Homeland: US-USSR Co-Production- Aperture Northwest

The Flying Frenchman- Balloon Life

Logbook: Tucson (5th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival)- Balloon Life

Fighting AIDS at the Front Lines- Tucson Weekly

Secret Identity: Art On Trial - Tucson Weekly

Quantum Mechanics and the Harmonic Convergence (satire)- Arizona Daily Star

The Simple Story of a White Collar Criminal (published as: White Collar Thief)- City Magazine

Wild Pig Stories (published as: Javelina Heaven--Or Hell?) - City Magazine

• The Universe Next Door - monthly column on theater, media and culture for Arizona NewsReel

• PUBLIC ACCESS HANDBOOK- BOOK/ Tucson Media Coalition


THE ICON CORPORATION - President and Co-Founder
1981-1989; high-tech company integrating analog and digital technologies to offer networked products and events. Projects include:

Cobblestone Electronic Country Club--Contractor, Co-Designer and Manager of interactive cable television system for planned community including upstream-downstream analog-digital house-to-house video conferencing and security sensor networks linked to digital databases for each family's medical and security requirements; Nationally publicized by General Instruments as model for interactive systems design (Arizona).

AMPRO:- National Interactive Teleconference on American Productivity. Co-Producer; Endorsed by joint resolution of United States Congress and implemented as Presidentıs National Conference on Productivity, with National League for Innovation. Multi-node satelite conference with full motion video, audio and data.

Video NightCap-Producer, Co-Writer, Director; Innovative series of broadcast "micromagazines" test-marketed in southwest on all commercial broadcast networks.

Talent Search - Writer, Director. Interactive Videodisc prototype: Used actors in fun, story-based tutorial with customized training tracks to teach Data Base Management System (DBMS) skills. Prototype design for NEC.

Tucson Community Cable Corporation--Contractor; Awarded "Best Access Facility in USA" by NFLCP. Supervised contract engineering group for design and building of seven-channel facility for in-house production and community-wide interactive entertainment events.

ADTEC-Arizona Diagnostic Training and Education Center- Consultant for creation of Video Data Base Management System; Trained staff and integrated diagnostic video and text medical files into database for video-conferencing between medical specialist teams designing treatment programs for handicapped and brain-injured children.

University Level Instructor: Pima College/ University of Arizona

INSTRUCTOR at Pima Community College and University of Arizona in New Media Technology; Taught lecture and lab in Television Production; Implications of New Media; Mass Media Realities.

DISTRICT VIDEO PRODUCER for four-campus Pima Community College in Arizona, while teaching at PCC and UA. Supervised production of 34 educational award-winning video series in three years and coordinated acclaimed student newsmagazine for cable.

PUBLIC SEMINAR DEVELOPMENT for Tucson Media Coalition; Developed national seminar formats and workbooks for training community organizations how to work effectively with broadcast media to bring new voices and viewpoints into community dialogue. Created Minority Broadcasting training events and structured production training for Hispanic, Native American and African American communities for "new voices, ancient stories" multicultural programming.


  • Major Grant Award, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  • Outstanding Contribution Award from Traditional Indian Alliance
  • Grants from Apple Computer Inc., for Computers, Freedom & Privacy
  • Production Grant from George Washington University & NEA for CFP Highlights,
    co-promoted through WIRED Magazine
  • "Academy Awards of Interactive" Interactive Media Festival award for SoftForce
  • Guest Artist "Occupied Zones" for Free Fall in Cyberspace, Performance Space--Sydney, Australia
  • Guest Panelist for International Interactive Communication Society
  • Commentator for NHK (Japanese Television) in two documentaries on future of cable and multimedia
  • Guest interviews for ABC, Australian television, radio and newspapers.
  • Outstanding Investigative Reporting Award, Arizona Press Club Competition: White Collar Criminal
  • Academy Award 1993 (Best Documentary) Panama Deception; contributing field producer
  • Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) Production Award, for Glasnost Boogie
  • Outstanding Production Award, American Assn. Of Social Workers: Futures on the Frontier
  • Emmy nomination for "Whoever Thought Kids Could Do a Thing Like This?"
  • Founding president Tucson Media Coalition; founding chair Arizona Production Network.
  • Founding member Internet Developers Assn. Ethical Standards & Practices committee
  • Member of Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE), ACM, SIGGRAPH, IICS, International Documentary Association, Cinewomen; National Writers' Union; AIVF.


  • Masters Degree in Applied Media Anthropology, University of Arizona (Interdisciplinary emphasis on cultural change and electronic media: Journalism/Radio-Television/Anthropology).
  • Bachelors Degree- Magna Cum Laude, dual major: Communications and Social Change. Immaculate Heart College; Urban Anthropology studies at New York University & University of California, Davis.
  • Graduate work in Marine Biology & Invertebrate Neurology, Las Cruces Marine Research Center.
  • Additional studies-Photojournalism and Theater at New School of Social Research, New York City
  • Studies with Public Service Satellite Consortium on satellite teleconferencing; Global Village Institute on small format video production.
  • Annually participate in seminars at National Assn. of Broadcasters, NAB Multimedia World; Digital World; Showbiz Expo, Infocom; Computers, Freedom & Privacy; International Documentary Assn.; Electronic Frontier Foundation, Society for the Study of Neuronal Regulation; CyberArts, SIGGRAPH. etc.


Enjoy scuba diving & marine ecology; stunt double for underwater film sequences; enjoy horseback riding, dancing, theater, and playing music with friends. Married and in great health; one son. Speak Spanish. Proficient with computer graphics, linear and nonlinear video editing & production systems.