There are many paths through the dendrite forest*

Mathematics and myth are languages spoken by dreams here.
Paths wind, twist, and cross back upon themselves.
Imagination speaks boldly here

But so does memory.
,     Getting lost can be a way of seeing beyond the obvious

....A way of discovering the science
of creative possibilities.

The Dendrite Forest is a journey to the inside of  your own mind.

*den-drite, ____________________________________________

1. The fiber along which information flows from one nerve cell to another; the branching process of the neuron that conducts impulses toward the cell body.

2. Dendrites divide and subdivide as they emerge from the nerve cell, ending in minute twigs resembling moss, a shrub or the branching of a tree. Under a microscope, the converging branches of dendrites from separate neurons resemble rich foliage.

3. Learning excites the growth of dendrites from nerve cells in different sections of the brain to intertwine with each other and thicken into forest-like clusters. Such interconnection become most dense when animals--and people--live in rich natural environments that stimulate learning.


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