Artists for Artists and the Community's Children











Reportedly, $140 million is to be invested in developing new cultural centers in Watts and adjacent areas, including funding for community arts programs.



    We are demanding to be a part of future development and planning when it involves the arts and funding of art programs in the Watts community.

    We are not going to sit by any longer and not be active participants in the arts community of Watts.

    If you wish to learn more about The Concerned Artists Action Group, come out to our meetings. Support us when you can, or contribute your skills/donations to our cause.



    We will be the umbrella for 10 specific components:

    1) Counseling for those with drug, alcohol, mental, and domestic problems.

    2) Financial aid will be available, interest free, to artists of proven ability, on a short term basis.

    3) Many artists frequently have legal problems concerning their art that would be resolved, hopefully pro bono, by community oriented attorneys.

    4) A talent agency (broken down into sub-components) writers/poets/actors/actress/ visual artists/computer artists/dancers/filmmakers and others, that would strive to connect the artist to employment in his/her line of art.

    5) African to African-American outreach. This component will be responsible for establishing relationships with artistic entities in Africa, focusing on the west coast of Africa. The Secretary General of the Pan-African Writers Association, Mr. Atukwer Okai, in Accra, Ghana, has expressed great interest in having inter-cultural exchanges with our group, as well as Mr.Thabo Mbeki, the Vice President of South Africa.

    6) We will utilize our grants/funds research component to seek out the funding sources to help us help ourselves.

    7) Special projects will be mostly concerned with using our talents and energies for the benefit of our community; fund raising events, events with heritage themes.

    8) Our inter-cultural component is responsible for networking with other groups who have similar interest, problems and, we hope, solutions.

    9) The Concerned Artists Actions Group will be focusing strongly on the unique problems that elder artists, women and youth are faced with.

    10) Finally, we will establish a Concerned Artists Action Group Complex, a fine arts center that will be user friendly, offering venues for performances, space for artists to gather, exchange ideas, work,and establish an identity that will promote greater self esteem.


    Organizing Committee:


    Anthony "Amde" Hamilton
    Shirley Hamilton
    Odie Hawkins
    Roylene Walker
    Eleanor Hawkins
    Yusuf Rahman
    Charles Wright
    Judson Powell
    Donald Bakeer
    Adrena Lockhart
    Eloyba Earl